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Blackbird is a production performance software that lets you collect data from any machine or production line.

Visualize your production line data with concrete metrics of OEE, Downtime Causes and more. Have an immediate overview of your:

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) overview in        
     real time and with historic lookback

Stop cause monitoring and downtime reports

Uptime and output-flow

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These companies are using Blackbird to drive growth

  • Sintex A/S

  • Scandi Standard

  • McBride

  • Swedish Match

Sintex increases OEE by 5% and uptime on a line by 92%


Before implementing Blackbird, Sintex was still relying on their operators to manually collect production data that their managers would compile into Excel spreadsheets for analysis - A process that is human-error prone, inefficient, and far too familiar to those of us in the manufacturing industry. They rolled out the Blackbird solution slowly, at first, installing it on 10 of their machines. They needed a solution that could take live data directly from their equipment's PLC and display it in real-time. Blackbird's IoT functionality and flexible connectivity options made it the perfect solution. They have since expanded Blackbird to 30 of their machines.

Scandi Standard improves uptime year over year

Scandi Standard, the leading producers of chicken-based food products in Scandinavia, installed the Blackbird system on over 150 of their production lines, across 5 different countries, in under 12 months. This was only made possible due to the combination of accelerated digitalization initiatives from the company’s management team and the ease-of-use offered by our plug and play devices.

"In the first year, we improved our uptime by 3% and each year after we improved by up to 2%. We think this is a great result, considering that we produce around 3 million units per week” - Mikkel, Group Performance Management Manager at Scandi Standard.

McBride's road to a Smart Factory

McBride’s operators were able to get quick overviews of which lines were on target and which ones were not, allowing them to pinpoint each line's problem areas. Additionally, their managers created a daily management screen to visualize data and create daily reports on the ten most common codes to address. Powered with data, both the managers and operators were able to understand their capabilities and gain full transparency over their production lines.

By fully embracing the Blackbird system, the production team at McBride now have the data they need to make continuous improvements. Having already experienced a 4% boost in their OEE, McBride is expecting to improve by an additional 20% within the next calendar year.

Swedish Match digitalized their processes

Initially, all their data was written down on paper and stored in binders. This method meant that operators were required to remember to perform their quality control duties, which – due to the potential for human error – was significantly compromising the quality of their production.

To help solve this, Swedish Match decided to implement digitalization, and as a result, saw immediate improvements to their quality control process by using Blackbird’s Control Recipe feature.

Blackbird’s proprietary software prompts operators to perform necessary control duties, with pop-ups, scheduled tasks, and operator specific duties that can be tracked in real time.

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Calculate your OEE 

Get up-to-date OEE calculations immediately with visualized performance metrics of the most important KPIs. Draw new learnings and act to support further production efficiency on all your lines across all locations in a single application

Visualize your data

Get more out of your data with conveniently accessible reports, tailored to provide the most value based on each user’s role and department in the company. This customizable nature allows you to get data reported in whichever way you need, from high level analytics to shift performance overviews.

Reduce Downtime Losses

Simplify the process for factory floor workers by cutitng out the tedious manual information entries and easily communicate stop causes.

Managers can easily analyze the data with built-in reporting.

Production targets, in real time

Track production lines in real time and visualize live output with built-in reports and batch performance dashboards. Floor workers as well as managers get can overview of targets, bottlenecks and efficiency. 


Fastrack the road to a digitalized smart factory and increase profitability

Get an overview of the factory floor without extensive meetings. Do this through easily understandable reporting, helping you to identify and remove waste, bottlenecks and set informed goals. Make your employees happy and increase profitability at the same time

Real-Time Visibility

Our plug and play solution enables you to immediately have an overview of your production lines in real-time. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to visualize your live output flow and track various KPIs - such as the number of products produced, stops, average stop length or longest stop time, cycle times and many more

Stop-Cause Reporting

Simplify the process by cutting out tedious manual information entry and streamline communication in real-time. Customizable stop-cause entries conveniently structured in categories, and color-coded make reporting a simple one touch selection

Support where the need is greatest

Prioritize tickets with ease with color coding based on the level of urgency. Easily track the status, see the reported and completion times, and add comments for better communication amongst stakeholders

Smart and dynamic time-schedule

Set upper or lower limits of your measurements to trigger a mandatory comment and automatically add additional follow-up control checks just so you are on top of your product quality


Need clarification?


How do I install Blackbird?

The installation can be done in less than one hour on a production line:

Set up a sensor (adaptable for various industry sensors) and plug into power

Log on to the Blackbird Application on a web browser and access your production data (e.g. OEE, output-flow, downtime tracking etc.) from your smartphone, tablet and PC

How do I implement Blackbird?

No matter if it is an old legacy machine or a new modern machine where different types of control systems are used, Factbird can be installed quickly. The installation does not require long downtime and does not require a complex IT project:

 No complex IT project with large investments

  No modification to your existing control systems

 No need for specialized IT skills

 No shut-down of your production for the installation


How does the Blackbird product work?

Factbird® collects data from sensors (e.g., the number of units produced, temperature of materials, etc.) and sends it to a secure cloud server directly via Wi-Fi or mobile network. The Blackbird Application analyzes and visualizes the data in the cloud, and you can see the data on a secure web-based user interface on your smartphone, tablet,  and PC in real time.


How can I achieve a Smact Factory with Blackbird?

You can use the Blackbird cloud as your global production data lake and accelerate operational excellence by digitalizing shop floors. Combining the data from the Blackbird system and from other systems in the factory, you can define control parameters to set up data intelligent analysis.